Friday, December 14, 2012

First Update: Jack Attack

Well, I guess I'm not very good at updating!

My first update will be breezy.  Its all about Jack Attack.

I wish I knew how to edit photos...  Please ignore the background!  That is Jack last year, only a year old!  Look at the expression!  So Smart!

Our puppy turned 2 on November 10th!

This is our Jack in the summer.  He is nothing but barely contained energy.  He is very affectionate, but still very rough when he plays.  He tries so hard to be gentle, and he is learning, but sometimes I get a nip instead of a nibble and a claw in the eye when he meant a kiss (I hope).

Rare sleepy moment

He's always in trouble.  He gets in the garbage constantly, ate a $50 book, and just today he stole fabric that happened to have a sewing needle in it.  I was so worried he swallowed it!

Handsome boy

All in all, Jack completes our family.  Happy (very belated) Birthday Jack!

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