Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Third Update: Home sweet home

That's right, for those who didn't know it, we moved.

Not just moved, bought.

Me and hubby bought our first home (last year)!  Old news really, but news to this blog!
In the last year, we've done nothing to fix it up really.  However, we have had some pitfalls.  Turns out, with such a shallow slope on the roof, a driving rain will seep under the tin roof, down the nails, into the attic, to land on the kitchen floor.  Small amounts of water have made it in, but not something you want in the Fraser Valley.

As well, last summer we noticed a large puddle constantly in front of the house.  That, coupled with extreme water bills, lead us to call the city to investigate.  Turns out we had a leak somewhere between the water meter and house.  Sigh. 

We used the excuse to chop down a tree, rent an excavator, and Earl had the leak located and repaired in an 18 hour day.  Not too shabby, hubby.

The yard and garden is a mess, we have an abundance of clutter and junk devaluing our home, and I really need to learn to organize.  Other than that, my goal is to get the place fixed up to move in a year or two.

Shortly after moving to our new home, I did a foolish thing.  I bought chickens.

Front: Bertha          Back: Black Eyes Chicken
I'm on a city lot with chickens!  Bad, bad Laura.

It all happened so fast!  My sister sent me a kijiji listing for 3 bantam Cochins, one rooster, two hens.  I thought it was sweet of her, but didn't think anything of it.  Well, until she came over and asked me about it.  So, to appease her, I called my hubby and asked if it were ok if I got chickens, thinking he would say no.  Boy, was I surprised when he said yes! 

With his blessing, I called the number on the ad and asked about the birds.  The seller was a bit distraught to inform me that someone already took the rooster.  Well, heck, that was fine by me!  And to boot, he was selling the girls with food and equipment. 

This was getting better and better!

When hubby got home from work, we went over and checked out the hens and I fell in love!  $20 bought both birds, food dish, water dish, half a bag of feed and 2 bales of straw.  I found it a bargain!
At home, with no coop to speak of, I locked the birds up in a guinea pig cage.  I know, mean.  The silver-lining?  Earl's boss offered the use of his chicken tractor!  All I had to do is pick it up on my home from work the next day!  

Now if that isn't meant to be, I don't know what is!

My girls, since named Bertha and Black-eyed Chicken, are living out in the backyard since last spring.  They are about two years old now, and stopped laying for the fall, but they are great additions to my yard!  They rarely make a noise, and when the do, its for good reason!  Think large collie dog terrorizing them.  I've also been informed that they are not pure Cochin, but that matters little to me.  And so far, only one neighbour has noticed and he thinks its cute, so we are off to a good start!
Only problem is I now have chicken fever!  I've commissioned a larger coop from my hubby for my girls so I can get a few more for eggs.  We're hoping to have it done in the spring some time. 

I'm beyond happy.

Snow White, about 3 months old (?)
While we are on livestock, I have some new rabbits.  Shortly after moving into our home, my sister built an open rabbit shed and moved in 4 Mini Rex rabbits and a grey New Zealand.  She raised several litters at my house for pets and food.  Just a few months ago she moved them all to her new house, but before that I decided to try my hand at raising rabbits.
I bought a stunning white New Zealand doe and a grey New Zealand buck (possible sibling to my sister's grey).  I haven't bred mine yet, but it is the plan.

My baby Turkeys
I have, however, raised 5 turkeys, butchered them, and froze them.  It was, in short, a horrific experience.   One I'm a bit shy to repeat.  It may be the reason I have yet to breed my rabbits.
Few months old

That's all that's new for the backyard.  I don't really have photos of the house, but I will get some up soon-ish.  Maybe.

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