Sunday, August 3, 2014


Yesterday was just unpleasant.

At 5 am the dogs woke us up.  They were in the living room barking in a blind panic.  The noise they were making was unreal.  All I saw when I stumbled into the living room was red.  My window was glowing red like it was sunset.

Confused, I looked out the window and gasped.  Across the street the house was up in flames.  I must have said something because in a flash hubby was at my side asking what was wrong.  Thankfully, a police officer was standing in our driveway so we knew fire trucks were on the way.

In the light of day, and under a think blanket of smoke, we found out no one was in the house at the time of the fire, so I was thankful.

The morning chores went as usual except for a bit of agitation from a few of the rabbits and the chickens.  The smoke, the sirens, and the fire made for a scary morning for them.  I gave them all extra pets and left for a few hours.

When I came home, I had the biggest disappointment waiting for me.

Approaching the rabbits to replace the frozen water bottles, I was greeted by all but one.  I knew before I even opened the door that my lovely Big Bunny had passed away.  She had been fine in the morning; playful and cheery.  We are uncertain what the cause of death is, but I fear heat stroke.  Hubby thinks old age since it appears she passed peacefully and she was fine for most the morning and afternoon.  He also pointed out that her hutch gets the least amount of sun in the day (a privilege for being a pet), so it would be more likely if one of the others got heat stroke.

Whatever the reason, it's sad to see my pet bunny is gone.  Now, instead of a happy bunny standing at the cage door to greet me, all I have is an empty hutch.

She will be missed, that is for sure.

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  1. Such sad news. She was definitely my favorite. I love the photo you have of her here, it makes me want to get a rabbit.

    Rest peacefully Big Bunny