Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts!

I've written out my list, and I'm ready to get crafty! 

Both sides of my family do a Secret Santa and the names have been drawn!  I've spent a lot a time thinking of gift ideas for everyone and now that I know who I got for Secret Santa, I'm ready to get started.  This is an ambitious year and I plan on making all my gifts.  I hope I don't burn out by the middle of November and end up with a bunch of half finished projects. 

I'm not very good at picking out presents for people, especially under pressure, but I think I've got it this year.  I think I actually thought of some good ideas!  I will have to take some photos and put them up after the gifts are given.  I'm going to get my supplies on Friday and get cracking.  Very exciting.

The only snag in my plan is Hubby's birthday in a few weeks.  What on Earth can I make him before then.  Goodness.  Tough one there.

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