Sunday, May 16, 2010

Replanting... Again!

First off, remember that big, plump strawberry posted last week? Well, its gone. Went out the day after the post, and it was gone. Something stole our first harvest and didn't share. Thinking of getting some netting to throw over top the crops so no more get stolen. There are a great number of birds in our area, so I'm sure my lettuce is going to look tasty soon!

Speaking of lettuce, some are a few centimeters tall now! And the second row of spinach planted 11 days ago have already sprung up in great numbers! Even more exciting is a few corn stalks have poked out of the ground.

Today I went out and poked some more corn kernels into the soil in hopes they will germinate better in this high heat, and I planted some cucumbers in their mound (which seems to be winged-insect free), and I pushed a few tomatoes into a pot in hopes these will grow as well!

I've also started to stir up the soil everyday around the rows. I've been weeding almost everyday to try and keep up with what needs to be done, and while doing so, I've noticed the ground is getting a bit hard on top. Under the hard top, the soil is soft and unpacked, so I'm hoping that by stirring up the top layer, I'll not only help with water evaporation, but stir up the weeds and make it harder for them to grow, while (hopefully) giving my seeds a head start! That's the plan anyways...

My peas are getting tall! 5-8 cm for some of them! These are the sugar snap peas.

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