Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to Work!

Earl has finally gotten the go ahead to go back to work!  The tendons for his pinkie finger are still rubbing on the plate, but the doctor thinks he might not need a second surgery, but we'll know more in a month.  Not getting our hopes up!  Earl is hoping to get back to work Monday morning, which means I'll have to start driving myself to work again.

Going to start working in the garden again soon.  Need to turn under all those weeds and get some compost in there.  Mainly, I need to get some seeds started.  This year is going to look vastly different from last!

In other news, Jack is huge.  No official weigh in at the moment, but we are guess between 20-25 pounds, which is huge from his 16 pounds when we brought him home.  He's fitting in better, but still a hell-raiser! 

Sorry, too lazy for pictures, but wanted to update since I haven't in a long, long time! 

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  1. I should probably get on the gardening thing too. I love having my own herbs and tomatoes growing.