Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I seriously haven't posted since February. 

I have no real interesting news.

Jack is no longer Just Jack.  He is Jack Attack.  Pictures will come when he stops moving long enough to get a focused picture of him.  I'm also having camera/computer issues, so pictures are not really happening. 

Earl did buy me a new Nikon, so I'm having a blast with that.

And there is no garden for me this year.  Jack jumps fences with ease and rips out all greenery.  Apparently there were carrots still in the ground from last year.  Apparently they were also really tasty because Jack ate them all.  And old corn that never really did anything last fall.

But good stuff for Earl, his berry patch is doing well.  His fence is taller and sturdier, so Jack can't get in it very easily (unless he goes through my garden first), and there Earl has a dozen strawberry and blueberry plants, his red current, his tayberry, and some other berry we always forget, and a bunch of raspberry canes.  Now if only he would remember to water the plants, he might have gotten more than a few strawberries and one blueberry.

Poor guy.

But that's all for now.  More later I hope.  I'll just have a buy a new computer I think, hehe.

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