Monday, January 13, 2014

Busy, Busy day

Today I woke up feeling like garbage.   My first 2 attempts at getting out of bed resulted in falling back into bed.  It also took both attempts for me to realize that the cause was lightheadedness. 

About 2 months ago I woke one morning and I was so lightheaded I couldn't even sit up without feeling like I was going to fall down.  Later that day, I got a tension headache.  After 5 days of this, I went into a clinic and he told me it was just migraines and to take these two drugs.  If after 2 hours I felt better, then good, continue the drugs, and if not, then I'm out of luck.  Of course they didn't work.  After 4 more days I went to my GP, and he told me not to worry, it will go away.  Well, everyday since, I've had lightheadedness and a headache of varying degrees.

For the most part, its very mild and I can go about my day no problem, but then I have days like today.

So, I eventually got out of bed, made my hubby his lunch for work, and the second he was out the door I ran (well, hobbled) back to bed.  The best part is I was able to sleep it off in 2.5 hours!  Woop woop!

The point of this post? I'm proud of myself today.  I woke up feeling really bummed out, my head hurt and I was feeling very fatigued, but I accomplished more today than I have in a long while!  I pushed myself really hard today, and though I'm gonna feel it tomorrow, tonight I'm a champ.

I will reward myself with a few of the 100+ cookies I made.

Check out these jars I painted today with chalkboard paint!

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