Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome to the Flock!

Today has been eventful.  I spent all of yesterday, and a good portion of today, getting ready to bring home 2 new flock members!

One, a young pedigreed Australorp hen, was the sole survivor out of 40 chickens after a devestating mink attack.  She was badly injured on the back of her head by the mink.  The other is the last of 6 pigeons that shared the coop.  Knowing that the mink was still roaming around, it was felt that it was too dangerous to keep the birds there.  On Monday, I was asked if I would take in the birds.  Their owner had helped me get started with chickens and has been such a help with my silly questions, I couldn't refuse when she asked.

Going home!

Driving the birds to my house was nerve wracking.  I couldn't help but feel bad for the hen every time there was a bump.  I imagine she is in enough pain as it is, I hated the thought of adding more.  When we got home, she seemed too stressed to move, so she is resting in her crate with some water until tonight.  Once the sun starts to set, I will move her to her hospital room to recover.  Once her wound is healed up, she will join my little hens outside.  I'm sure she will enjoy it!

Blurry, but then you can't see her owie.

The pigeon seems to be settling into its new home quite well.  I hope that means I won't have to worry about it!

On a lighter note!  I had to move around my rabbits into new hutches.  My Holland Lop, Big Bunny, was moved last night into a cozy new hutch that hubby just refinished.  This morning when I checked on her, I found this-

She ripped out her belly fur!  Not only that, but look...

The brat is carrying around her hay!

I've seen this before in my sister's pregnant rabbits.  There is no way Big Bunny is pregnant.  After consulting my sister, we figure she is looking for lovin'.  Not sure if the move brought this on, or the season, but there you have it.  Big Bunny wants a man.


  1. I want a Big Bunny baby!

    Do chickens do well with first meetings?

    1. No, they don't. They can fight pretty bad, especially if one is injured or they are different sizes. You can lessen the fighting by introducing the new birds at night, when they are asleep. When they wake up, they don't always notice the new birds!

  2. We had a chicken with a stump foot that the main flock hated and pecked on, so we had her join a smaller flock of silky hens and the three of them got along great. I'm happy your hen has the pigeon as a friend from the other place. I hope reintroduction goes well.