Saturday, May 31, 2014

Long Time, No See, Friend...

Why hello.  Its been a while.  Terribly sorry about that, but I haven't been feeling well recently.  Let me give you a couple of highlights to catch you up.

I had a few wonderful blacksmithing lessons!  Pictures are coming.  Both projects are unfinished, and once they are, I will post some pictures for all to see.  I will tell you that I made a tomahawk and am finishing up an ornamental snail.  Its pretty cute.

In sad news, and the main reason I haven't posted, is the Hen I adopted passed away yesterday.  Her recovery was such a rollercoaster.  She did better, then got worse, then got so well I was thinking of naming her, then disaster struck.  On Monday, I saw a mite on my hand when I was feeding her.  I treated her for them, knowing that mites will impede her recovery, and hoped for the best.  Tuesday, she looked depressed.  Not moving, but still eating.  Wednesday, she was very ill.  When I picked her up to examine her, my arms were covered in mites.  I looked at her chest, and her skin was black and moving.  She was infested.  Her comb and wattle were white, she was anemic, and she was in pain.  They were sucking the life out of her. 

This was a desperate situation, and I took desperate measurements.  I got stronger chemicals and applied it under her wings, on her chest, and around her butt, all the mites hiding places.

Thursday was constant care, but no improvement.  The mites were dead, but she was drained. 

Friday, just before, 3pm, she passed away.

Telling the previous owner who trusted the hen to my care was devastating.  A lot of 'if only' have been running through my head.  If only I realized how bad the mites were sooner, if only I started force feeding her sooner.... If only.

I'm crushed.  I really hate losing an animal, and with its history, it makes it hurt more. 


Lets move on to happier things. 

My sister gave me her two rabbits, a black buck and a silver/grey doe (who is actually my Prince Charming's sister).  She is deciding that chickens will be more worth her while.  For the same amount of effort, she gets fresh eggs everyday, and no messy butchering!  I'm happy.  I can't wait to start breeding my does!  Baby bunnies are adorable.

My garden is doing well.  Except the spinach.  It was attacked by a worm and eaten away.  My cucumbers were almost wiped out by a slug, but we saved 2 plants!  Today, I finally got around to planting some more salad mix, new spinach (ripped out the gross ones), radishes, and carrots.  I'm late doing all this, but oh well.  I'm still learning.

Here, have a few pictures of my garden.

My carrots, before I thinned them.

Potatoe, a week ago.  They are huge now.

Aren't they lovely?

I will get back in the grove of things shortly.  I am finally feeling better, so I will be able to lug my camera around and get some good pictures.

Side note, I'm puppy-sitting my in-laws dog, Abby.  She's a lab-golden retriever mix and she is adorable!  She's not use to being inside, but she is having a good time with my boys!  Expect to see a lot of photos of her over the next 3 weeks.

Another note, did you know the dogs have twitter??  Its mostly me, dictating what's happening, but its fun!  Check them out on the side of the page!

I also have instagram!  Follow me?

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  1. Every time you mention your bunnies, I'm tempted to get one. No April, bad April.

    Your garden is flourishing! I keep forgetting to ask you to come into the backyard to look at my lettuce and green onions. Bah