Friday, June 13, 2014

Short Garden Update

I have nothing new to write at the moment, so have a short, pictorial update of the garden!

Pumpkins are huge!  Can't even see the tiny cucumbers.
Sad radish and happy celery.
Earl's carrots on the left, my rainbow carrots on the right.
2 types of onions, broccoli with green onions hiding behind.
Super large corn.
Lettuce hiding in the corn and peas.
So many potatoes.

These photos were taken over a week ago, but I had huge problems with my internet and couldn't get them up sooner.  That being said, everything is bigger now since we had a few good rains.

As well, hubby is making us a new shed to put our garden supplies!  He's using reclaimed wood from small barn he helped tear down.  I'm pretty excited!

How is everyone else gardens growing??  


  1. it looks so good! Also, all I think of is pumpkin pie when I see your pumpkin plants. PIE. My mouth is watering. YOUR FAULT that I have NO PIE. Also, I love your sad radish.

  2. Looks so good! What happened to the radishes!? So exciting :)

  3. Wow, Laura! Your garden looks amazing! The sad radishes make me sad, now I want some radishes.

    Everything is so green and growing! My little garden is put to shame! I keep forgetting to ask you to look at my lettuce and onions after our walks.