Sunday, July 13, 2014

Darn this heat...

I really hate this heat.  We have record highs around here and its not going away anytime soon.  Though I don't care for Summer, its not because of what the weather does to me that causes me such anger.  I'm fine in shade with a fan, and if I have a cold drink, even better, but my poor animals. 

I do what I can for the outdoor animals, but its tough fighting Mother Nature.  Even my best is nothing against such high temperatures.  Knowing I'm inside with the AC cranked and they are outside makes me so sad.  Rabbits do not do well in temperatures above 25 degrees, so they have frozen water bottles in their cages as soon as temps get that high.  Still, I can see its affecting 2 of my rabbits.  They are panting away looking beyond miserable. 

The chickens are under shade most of the day thanks to the pear tree, and the pigeon sunbaths all day anyways, so I'm not too concerned about him (her? it?).  Poor rabbits, always on my mind.  I'll just keep on what I'm doing and hopefully I brainstorm some new ideas to try as well.

Oh Summer, you are relentless.

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