Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh How the Garden Grows...

So, on July 2nd, I took a bunch of pictures of my garden for everyone to enjoy and never posted them.  Life got in the way and retreated into my hermitage for a while to adjust to the many changes happening.  This created a very real problem.  My photos have become out of date.  The garden is growing crazy fast in this heat, so the photos are useless if you want to see how my garden looks at the moment.

Knowing how sad everyone would be at not seeing some pictures, I decided to do a sort of before and after.  Below I will present to you what my garden looked like, and what it looks like today.  This way, all my effort will not be wasted and we get to see how quickly a garden can change in such a sort time.

However, I took less photos and didn't realize most of them were blurry or too dark to use until after I got inside.  Oh well.  We can deal with that.

Before: Potatoes!
After: Potatoes + bonus shot of Jack's big bum.

The potatoes are huge.  They are so large now that they have fallen over in their towers.  I'm hoping for oodles of taters!

Before: Corn!  Look how tall it is!
After: Corn with many ears almost ready to eat!

The corn is huge.  Its about 6 feet tall and many stalks have multiple ears!

Before: Peas!

There is no after shot that is not blurry.  The peas are mostly dead but with some new growth that is producing a second crop of peas!  Hubby is very excited.

Before: Broccoli
After: Broccoli

We were able to harvest all the heads of broccoli and are waiting for these new ones to mature a bit more.  Turns out, we harvested the last batch a bit late and they were a tad bitter.  I love (raw) broccoli, so I will definately be harvesting these ones sooner.

Before: Spring, yellow, and red onions
After: Spring, yellow, red onions in reverse order and different angle

The spring onions are ready to be pulled and eaten!  I can't wait!  The red and yellow ones all had their stems fall over, so I figure they will be ready soon as well.

Before: Carrots
After: Carrots

We pulled all the carrots shortly after the first photo was taken.  Hubby is in charge of the carrots and he was picking them one by one based on their estimated size.  As a result, he left them in the ground to get larger and ignored that his only mature to about 6 inches in length.  In the end, the extra time in the ground made them a bit woody.  I've planted 2 more rows since then and the first of those is sprouting.

Before: Pumkins

After: Pumkins!

 The picture does not show you how massive the pumpkins have become.  They are taking over the yard.  Their tiny pumpkins are now larger than a fist and only getting larger.  They are taking over everything.

Before: Lonely radish
After: Massive, but lonely, radish

For some reason, only one radish grew from my last plantings.  He's big enough to eat, so I guess that's what I will do.

Before: Cucumber

There is no after shot.  They were all too blurry.  The only cucumber on the plant is a few inches long and looking tasty!

Before: Celery

No after shot of the celery, but it really hasn't changed.

So, there we have it.  I will do this all again next week, but only to show the massive size of a few of the plants.  Hubby doesn't like these photos and gave me some good ideas for what to do next time.  If you want more photos and almost daily awesomeness, check out my instagram.  When I'm not on here, I'm there.  I take my instagram semi-seriously you know.

Now that we are done marveling at the fact that I kept all these plants alive for more than a week, lets move on.

In an attempt to post more frequently, I have added a few new ideas to my blog.  First, over at  Miranda Creats, she has started a series of posts every Friday that consists of a single photo capturing a moment from her week that she titles "This Moment".  I ripped off her idea (didn't even change the title of the post) and I, too, will post a photo on Fridays.  I think this is a lovely idea.  I also think you should check out her blog.  Her kids are freaking adorable.

As well, I will be trying a new Thursday post that should be interesting.  I got the idea from April who likes to satisfy her curiosity by asking a lot of great questions.  On Thursdays, I will attempt to answer them in my own way.  Since I don't like telling people how to do something and I never will claim to be an expert, I will set these posts up more as a run down of how I do things over here.  I will call it "How Laura Do".  Flawless!  Don't forget to go check out April's blog.

I hope these new changes will get me on here more often and give everyone else an idea of how my life operates.  In the meantime, have a great week all.


  1. I'm very cat-like when it comes to my curiosity.

    Loved this new post! Your garden looks amazing. I can't believe you have corn AND pumpkins. So exciting. I want all of your potatoes. Let's strike a deal, you give me potatoes, and I'll make my famous garlic mashed (no skin for Earl)! Let's shake on it! (Jk)

    1. Keep in mind they are purple fleshed potatoes, so your mash will be all purple!

  2. I love your pumpkins! So HUGE! Also, you've done marvellously well with your garden. I had the worst time when I tried, and then figured I was just awful. I also knew nothing about gardening and when plants were ready. Next time I'll read up on things.

    1. My first few gardens were epic failures, and this time I've had a large number of flubs, but its all coming together. The main thing for me was not listening to Earl. He likes to be involved in everything, so I would listen to his advice and end up making mistakes. This time, he can talk, but I only do what I think is right, and I'm learning so much! And the stuff lived! Shocker there! Have you grown lettuce? Only needs a pot and partial shade to get some noms noms!