Friday, February 26, 2010

In the Beginning...

The idea to live self-sufficently was not fueled by global warming or media induced paranoia. I have had the idea for as long as I can remember. I want to promote proper care of animals and organic gardening. To grow my own food would be an accoplishment worthy of a great effort.

My first memories were of living in a small town nestled in mountians. We lived in a log house surrounded by grass and bordered by tall trees. We stood on the porch and watched thunderstorms in the summer, and stood in hail storms in spring. My mother cooked on a wood stove and a duck lived in our greenhouse.

I want to return a land like that. I want to raise my own food and better the land I work.

As it stands, I'm far from my dream. I rent a small house in a large town with my two dogs and man. This post will chronicle the adventures I have and the steps I take to acheive my goals of an organic lifestlye.

I hope you can join along and maybe we can all learn something together!


  1. Awesome!!! The back-yard is looking good. I'm so glad your blogging!!

  2. Thanks Ashley! Glad to have my first comment <3