Sunday, February 28, 2010

Innis & Gunn

Shortly after suiting up yesterday, I had be beat a soggy retreat. The rain won out and I barely made a dent in my work. Oh well. The day was not lost!

I join Mr. Selinger around the Valley, dropped off the copper at a salvage warehouse and made $380. I enjoyed watching the hydrolic arm with its biting end break up the sheets of metal. When Mr. Selinger asked what I was looking at, all I could say was "nom nom nom", and shockingly, he understood.

We then headed back home to get a key off his forman, then back for 45 minute drive to pick up the red bricks for the front of the house. That was an ordeal! It was raining cats and dogs and mice (You see, the mice are the small drops, then the cats follow, then the dogs... It makes sense in my mind...)! We loaded up as much as the '78 Corolla could hold, and headed back home to unload in even heavier rain!

Although the day was wet and dreary, the night was not! I have finally found I beer I can drink without getting sick of the bitter aftertaste. It's Innis & Gunn. Its a Scottish beer that's been aged in an oak barrel that used to hold bourbon. As a result, the beer is heavy, but has almost no bitter aftertaste of the hops, but as I drank it, I thought I might be tasting some of the vanilla for caramel flavours they advertised! Definatly a treat to end the day with!

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