Monday, March 1, 2010

Slow Progress

Yesterday turned into a work day. Well, between periods of the mens hockey game, Canada vs USA. The Olympics closed last night with Canada winning more golds than any conuntry ever has in any Olympic Winter Game! Congrats to our athletes!


Pride aside...

This was the view of backyard last Monday. This is looking South-North (ish), with the compost in the back corner.

This was the after math of a full day of work. I cleared out most of the blackberries over the area I want my beds. There are plenty more to the right, in the sun, and I'm standing next to massive pile of the fallen. Its hard to see, but I have used the ads to break up the soil, and then raked it somewhat level. This view is looking South-North.

Yesterday, not much happened. I continued to clear out, then used the ads to break up more soil, then raked it level again. Still, I think its mighty impressive!

This is looking East-West. There are more of those thorny devils off camera, but its still looking mighty nice! Well worth the blood, sweat, and tears! But I assure you, the tears where from the hockey game...

Sisko enjoyed his new hideout behind the compost... He's trying to get into the neighbours yard... He's not too bright considering he keeps hitting his head on the barbed wire. Oh Sisko... At least mommy loves you.

You might be wondering what was so exciting that he would purposefully (and eventually successfully) try to barge through sharp, rusty barbed wire?


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