Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day of Roses

Today is so bright and sunny. I took advantage of not having to wear a bulky jacket, and brought the dogs to the park and enjoyed the warmth. Spring feels early this year!

After a pleasant walk and a few pictures, I headed home to try and prune the roses. I was told it would be ok to prune them in the spring, so I looked up some information, but it was vague. All it said was to remove suckers, dead portions, anything thinner than a pencil, and to thin the inside so light could reach all parts of the plants.

So, with a huge lack of information, I went out and I will admit, I was overwhelmed. I have 6 rose plants in the front, and they haven't been touched in years. The beds they sit in are overrun with weeds and some sort of lily, I think. That's not including the garbage thrown on our lawn everyday.

I didn't end up removing much off most the plants since they were budding. I did remove large portions if it looked like it was struggling, and one plant was so weighted down, I ended up removing a whole, heavily budded branch. The rest of the plant sprang up and smacked me in the face. Not very thankful!

Here is one before and after of my favorite bush under the kitchen window.



Not bad in my mind. I love the red growth on this one! I'll try again in the fall, which is the right time to do it. I'm hoping to do some weeding after the raised beds are put in, and plant out some flowers. We'll see if time permits!

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