Friday, March 19, 2010


I have to gush about my man for a moment! On Monday (very delayed post) he had his first day of school, so he got off early. He decided to be sweet and stopped by at the nursery to get me a present. He looked at the cut flowers, and decided that they were a lost cause since I can kill any plant he gives me anyways. So he moved on to the live plants.

He looked at the lemon and lime trees, but they were small, and very expensive. That, and they couldn't tell him if they would grow outside, if they needed transplanting, etc etc. He's so thorough! He wandered around the nursery and up on the top shelf, he found... PINEAPPLES! My favorite!

Its so tiny, the whole plant is the size of my Sisko! AND! It had a baby pineapple on it!

I read up about them, and they need temps between 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, so inside works, but they need full, direct sunlight, so during the day, Mr. Prickles goes outside. We are still getting frosts at night, so I have to bring him in at night. I also learned that it takes two years before they fruit, then it takes 6 months for the fruit to mature, and then they skip a year. My goodness they are a lot of work!

Also, I transplanted it that night. It was in a 6 inch pot, and everything I read said it needed a minimum of 8 inches, and I just so happened to have a pot! So far, its looking good, except for the yellow spots it had when it arrived.

Well, fingers crossed that it lives!

Such a bad picture.

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