Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dogs in the Street

Luckily, my computer is up and running again!

Nothing has really happened, but on Thursday, while on route to take the dogs to the park, I almost hit a Jack Russel terrier who was just standing in the center of my lane as I rolled down the hill. The dog was terrified and wouldn't budge when I agave her a little honk, and when she did decide to move, it was towards more traffic.

Me, along with another woman, got out of our cars and convinced the dog to come to the side of the road, and onto the sidewalk. She was very nervous, but after a short while, I was able to coax her to my side, where she let me scratch behind her ear and hook my fingers through her collar. She was comfortable with me picking her up, so it was decided I would take her to the SPCA to see if she had a tattoo or microchip.

However, just as I was hopping into the car (much to the delight of my two), I heard a woman screaming at the top of the hill behind me. The woman was running down the hill, yelling for my attention, in her very cute bathrobe. I ran up and met her halfway, and the tears started. She gave me the biggest bear hug, her little Bella squished between us. The woman thanked me repeatedly and gave me an open invitation for coffee anytime! It was a great feeling as I drove off!


  1. oh little Bella....what a cute name for a jack Russel! Cute story.:)

  2. She was adorable! Very cuddly!