Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Farm Girl

Since putting my plans into action by creating my own little farm in the back, I have had to do some backbreaking work. Even though I don't work in the rain (yet) I have had to work in muggy weather and moderatly hot sun, and I must say, it is very unpleasant! Generally, after an hour of hard work on the weekends, I drag my feet very dramatically over to Mr. Selinger, put on my best pout, and complain that my hand hurts, or its hot, or any thing else I can think of at the time to get sympathy.

His response is to laugh, put his hand on my head, and say, "Its tough being a farm girl, isn't it?"

Even though I don't get the response I want, it does leave me with no excuse. And a small feeling of happiness, especailly when I find out that at work, when some one tells him he needs to find a 'nice girl', his reponse is, "I did even better. I found me a nice farm girl." Its kinda nice knowing that even at work, he describes me as his farm girl.

Hopfully before long, I can be a real farm girl!

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