Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, the carnage!

This morning is a sad affair in the household! My new dwarf puffer has killed my large snail overnight, and my beta in his bowl has died as well! My two favorites are gone! May they be remembered always as the two that brightened my day.

Moving on! Today is very muggy out, very grey and overcast. I might not get another chance to get outside to continue with the blackberry massacre, so I'm suiting up to take on those spiky punks! Hopefully I get something done while my man is away.

Mr. Selinger (my man), is off all over the Fraser Valley today, taking copper in to get a cheque, and picking up red bricks to make my front lawn even more unattactive, but more friendly to those who like to drive across it and have thus turned it into a large mudhole. I guess its a compromise?

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