Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leavening Action!

Usually, when I try something new in baking, I fail miserably! So you can imagine my distinct surprise when I made a behemoth of a loaf! Generally, I make two little loaves a week, but stashed under all my other pans, I found a large loaf pan that Mr. Selinger brought home for me many months ago! So I decided to give it a try!

The leavening! Never have I gotten such a rise from a loaf! I must have done something right this time... I'm had the sneaky suspicion that I've been killing my yeast with too much heat, so I think I finally got it right! I squished all that dough into the pan and left it for a second rise!

Loe and behold! It doubled in size again! So exciting! Its about the same size as a store loaf, but I'm sure it will be much denser, which is just fine by me!

The finished loaf! It took 20 minutes longer to bake, and even then, its very pale. I like my loaves a bit darker all around. I want my crust to be chewy! The finished loaf weighed in at almost 3 pounds! Very tasty loaf. I will also report that the next morning, a good chunk of the loaf had been cut off and eaten already... I think someone has midnight snacks of my bread...

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