Friday, April 30, 2010

No News is Good News?

I've been checking my garden every sunny chance I get...

Nothing new. Dirt and a few weeds, and the three, thriving strawberry plants. Its day 11, and still nothing. I'm planting my second rows of salad, spinach and carrots on Monday (if I have time). If I don't see anything sprouting by next Friday, I'm replanting. I think I may have planted too early. The mornings have been a bit chilly so I wouldn't be surprised if they were struck by a frost.

One thing I am grateful for is no cats in the garden, or crows for that matter. And I do love that fence Mr. Selinger built for me a few years ago. The ground is so hard I had to dig holes for the posts. Boy it was a pain, and I don't think Sisko appreciates it either...

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