Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slow Changes!

There was a pleasant break in the rain today, so I wandered out back to my garden to see what was going on. And I found nothing new. I pulled out what I assume were a couple of weeds. I think its still early for any growth.

Even though there was no growth, I was struck by the amount of change that has happened so far this year. The back corner has gone from a wild jungle of new growth on the blackberries and short, winter grass. The ground was uneven and bare, the beginnings of weeds just starting to poke out of the hard ground.

Now, I have a productive corner behind a curtain of tall grass. Sure, nothing is growing, but I hope in a few weeks there will be little sprouts, steadily storing nutrition until the day I pluck and eat them! How exciting!

For comparison, February 21, 2010:


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  1. Excellent idea with the fencing! No do footprints allowed! It looks cute too.