Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Bain!

Today, Bain turned 1!  For those of you who don't know who Bain is, he is my friend, April's, Dogo Argentino dog.  To celebrate the momentous occasion, we hiked up Teapot Hill.

And we're off!

Teapot Hill is an easy 5km trail that's located just on the edge of town.  Along the route we saw trees sipping tea out of cups left dangling on their branches while their teapots stood atop mossy stumps or hidden in the crack of a tree's trunk.  The forest along the trail was partaking in its own tea party.  We saw many different pots and cups, mostly white plastic or porcelain, but occasionally we spotted a colourful set hidden within the forest.

I took no pictures of the trail going up or down.  I forgot my camera, and instead of turning around to get it, I decided I would pass.  My dogs are a bit unruly when they see others of their own kind, so instead of focusing on pictures, I thought it best I pour all my effort on their training.  I have been practicing a 'Focus' command with them to draw their attention back to me when they start to fixate on something.  They met several dogs and a lot of people along the trail, and I was so pleased with how the command was helping the dogs.  It was especially useful for Jack!  I was so proud of how calm he was most of the time and how little he fussed and barked!  For Sisko, I wasn't able to give him the command soon enough and he slipped into a distracted (and barky) state from which there is no return.  Its all a learning curve, and I know I we will be able to pull it off!

Luckily, April was able to take some photos of the festivities and was willing to share them with me!

Bain, the birthday boy!

Sisko hates his hat...

Adorable Jack, back at home.

This is how I spent my Sunday!  I hope everyone had just as great of a day and enjoyed the sunshine to the fullest!

All Photo credits to April Nichols of!  Check her out ;)

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  1. This was written so well. I really liked the trees sipping out of teacups! It was a fun morning, and I'm glad there was a huge leap in training!