Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yesterday there was a break in the clouds and some sun was peaking out, so I checked out my garden.  I am thrilled with the number of sprouts coming up.  Kinda laughing at how poorly I seeded the rows though.  Earl asked if I blindly tossed the seeds in the rows.  It really looks like I was drunk seeding.

A few days after planting, my radishes started coming up.  Now there are so many of them!  I need to thin them out.  I should also sow a second row of these beauts.

So many radishes.

Next up were my lettuce.  Love them.  I can't wait to eat my lettuce.  It was my favorite in my last garden and I know it will be this time as well.  Last time we grew lettuce, we bought a mesclun mix, but we found it to be too spicy.  This time we bought a new mix, something more mild.  I really can't remember the name of it.  When I plant another row, I will let everyone know what it is.  If you care.  Do you care? 

Drunk planting.

Now my peas are up, and I am thrilled.  Earl is happy to see his peas getting big.  I don't really care personally.

My broccoli is also starting to make a show, as well as the spinach.  This week or next I am going to plant a second row of my lettuce, spinach, radishes, and carrots.  I need lots of veggies!  It will be a great year I think.

Yummy yummy yummy.


  1. Dibs on some radishes! I love radish!! Reminds me of my grandpa.

  2. Broccoli! Also, peas! It always looked like I drunk seeded things too.

  3. You can buy spicy lettuce? Mesclun mix?

    Mmm radishes.. The more your garden grows, the more hungry I get. I'm looking forward to the results!

    1. Ya, you can buy different mixes! Its really neat.