Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thinning the seeds.

First off, I thinned out my drunk plantings.  There are significantly less lettuce and radishes now.  I'm certain I went overboard with thinning the lettuce, but I will learn from my mistake.  I rinsed off all the little seedlings I ripped out of the ground and fed them to my rabbits and chickens.  Snow White actually dumped her dish when she reached the bottom, looking for more to eat.  I guess they were tasty sprouts!  I was going to plant a few more rows of veggies today, but nope.  Not in the mood.   

In other news, I forgot to mention that hubby brought me home a rhubarb and some celery starts!  The rhubarb is in a pot for now and we will see how it likes that until we can find it a permanent home in the yard.  Still need to plant those potatoes though...

As well, my green onions, red onions, and corn have all made an appearance in the last few days!  I love seeing new buds!

Right now I am high on these greens.  I have never been so into gardening as I have been this year!  Happy thoughts for more green buds!

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